Binary Options Strategy Cone

Binary Options Strategy Cone

The Binary Options hat strategy works with ultra short-term call options that scalpen the increase in the price of a horizontal line to a “hat” over the period of one minute. The technique can be very profitable for experienced traders. Theoretically, it also works with put options, where the hat would be upside down.

Binary System 3Why is this Binary Options Strategy “hat”?
There are of course the horizontal lines of always small price increases, which also fall in a short time and then look like the hat that street workers stand as traffic limit (or the top hat of a magician). So The course forms graphically considered a pointed triangle upwards. Important to know: This hat can “hang” also down and then suitable for put options, but the typical cone-image runs rather upward. In a breakout down the price breaks either very far through what would of course work, or he returns very quickly back on the starting line, which would produce a loss

Cone Startegie

When suitable the Binary Options Strategy hat?
The typical situation for the rising of the Binary Options hat strategy is an intraday sideways market. In this market halfway horizontal boundary lines must be recognized, of which occasionally bounce prices up. If that does not happen, the strategy will not work. However, the Binary Options Strategy hat goes on even if there is a strong break-out in the booked direction. The direction is right, finally, the trader wins definitely, even if the image of a Hütchens not forming on the chart. Lost is only when the price changes direction again in less than a minute and it is below the starting point. This scenario is by no means excluded.

How many values should be traded simultaneously?
If the markets move quite uniform sideways and again and again form the cone, three to four values be worth the same. For this is even guessing for several reasons. First of all Learn Strategies, the hard biting is at a value is always counterproductive. He can make no hat, a long time, the trader could then be exaggerated actions tend (overtrading). It then incur perhaps multiple losses. Furthermore, the trader spread his risk for multiple values. Thirdly, it is also technically possible to act more values in this way, for each of the options eventually runs very short notice, also allow many brokers to observe multiple values simultaneously on the screen. That would be a prerequisite for this strategy. To what extent they therefore can be carried out by mobile trading on the small screen of a smartphone, a matter of taste on the part of the trader. Young people might recognize the charts and tools also at very low resolution, in individuals beyond the age of 40 that is without glasses no longer possible often. You should sit at the desktop when they perform the Binary Options hat strategy simultaneously with multiple values.

Capital investment in a hat strategy

In many videos on the subject of the trader put at four options simultaneously 500 euros each one, so they book almost simultaneously 2,000 euros. Who has so much capital that can understand like, but for training and to reduce the risk could beginners also choose very low stakes. If the broker trades allows starting at around 20 euros, which would be a good order to try out the binary options strategy hat. Finally, these options expire so short that they can always be re-booked Best Strategies. It should be noted that the operator must be technically a little fit well to carry out this strategy.